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Personal Statement of Purpose for entering into the Graduate Business Administration (MBA) Program at xxxx University (xxx), College of Business Administration

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For the past six years, I have an unwavering path to a graduate degree in Business Administration from xxxx.  While my life outside of university brought me the most profound challenges, and I was beset with the hardships of deaths in my family, the pain and upset of divorces, job loss and my beautiful child being born prematurely, I have succeeded.  I vowed to myself and to God that I would not these events take from me an investment in the future of my family and myself.  Additionally, I count the faculty and staff of xxxx among the people I will never forget, who supported me, and continue to help bring my goals to fruition.


At my current educational level, I feel I would quickly exhaust every avenue of opportunity, and need to increase my depth of understanding by participating in xxx’s graduate Business Administration program, focusing my work on the area of management of information systems, a logical and natural continuation of my undergraduate education.  What is more, I bring with me not only a passion for the world of business, but two years of practical experience, having already started my own computer repair business, a Tantalus for what is truly required to be successful, and what could be accomplished with higher education.


Giving back to the community, and extended community, has always been one of my personal maxims.  In reality, to date I have volunteered as a missionary for over a decade.  This work has exposed me to the realities of the digital divide, the all-to-real gap between the information have’s and have not’s across the nation.  It is my ambition to start a computer manufacturing company and use its profits to fuel a program that will get home computers to those who do not have a computer or access to free public computers.


For the future, I anticipate increasing my professional exposure, steadily increasing my responsibilities, and eventually serving as a Chief Executive Officer or Chief Technology Officer for a large-scale IT services company.  In such a capacity, I would be in the ideal position with which to affect the greatest changes towards simplifying business processes for multinational companies, inter alia cutting-edge technologies.


xxxx has been my sole choice for scholastic development for half a decade.  I have had the unique opportunity to be both a student and employee of the University, serving her as she serves me.  Moreover, I have been continually impressed by the quality of the faculty, relevance and breadth of the curriculum, autonomy of the business program and look forward with great eagerness to continuing my academic relationship and research work with the College of Business Administration.  Indeed, I am confident that an MBA from xxxU will undoubtedly translate perfectly anywhere and in any discipline I should choose post-graduation.

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Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his Maker, but he who is generous to the needy honors him.


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